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Treatment Overview

**BMI guidelines can be relaxed for those with an active lifestyle and/or weight loss regimen.

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Core Services

Also Available; Infrared sauna wrap, BellaButtLift & more

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Body Sculpting Treatments


We work with each client to develop a personalized plan to meet specific Body Sculpting goals. 

Treatments starting at just $50

Packages starting at $300

Products as low as just $10 😮

Building confidence and redefining your physique doesn't have to be painful.

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Treatments available include;

  • NEW 2019 Sticks & Stones Cellulite Reduction 
  • NEW 2019 Bella Elite Reduction, Firming & Contouring Treatment
  • NEW 2019 Body Ice & Wood Sculpting 
  • NEW 2019 Belle Slim DDF
  • NEW 2019 Lymphatic Drainage & Retrograde Massage🤲🏾

(fat reduction & skin firming) 

  • Since 2018 LipoHiFu & HiFu

(AGGRESSIVE fat reduction & skin firming) 

  • ™SundaTonic Detox Sauna Bag
  • BellaButtLift - lift, shape & smooth
  • Fat Cavitation (reduction) tummy, arms+
  • Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
  • Wood Therapy Massage
  • Vibration Therapy with each session
  • Cellulite Smoothing
  • Post Surgery Massage & Products
  • Vibration Therapy

Bella Belly Belt (Infrared Take Home)

and authentic Columbian ™Ann Chery waist trainers, buttock lifters & post op/postpartum garments 

* Sarali Columbian fat burners, creams & gels

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New Skinny Slimming Detox Tea Kit

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Waist Trainers

Workout Belts

Infrared Sauna Belt

Bella Belly Oils

Postpartum Garments

Post Surgery Garments 

Buttock Lifters

Buttock Lift Leggings

Buttock Firming Cream

Fat Burning Gels & Caffeine Wraps 

™Arbonne Dietary plan & solutions at Josei Harris.arbonne.com 

™TLC NRG pills, Resolution Drops and IaSoTea and IaSo Latin Detox Coffee

Workout Legging Sets

Custom SlymThick WaistBeads 

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The DMV's ONLY Comprehensive Body Sculpting Studio


First and only of our kind!

Black Bella DC is excited to offer a unique blend of age old Body Sculpting techniques paired with the latest innovative  technologies from across the globe. Bella Josei, RMP, LMT has researched, traveled over 60k miles across the globe and trained with the best from Southeast Asia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Columbia, Morocco & within the US to provide the most safe, FDA cleared and effective non surgical treatments. And the best quality Columbian body shaper garments. Come experience the nonsurgical Belle Slim, LipoHiFu and the BellaButtLift just 10 miles outside of Washington, DC.

Return to work or play immediately after our treatments! 

No pain, recovery or downtime. 

Build a better body and restore confidence with us. Lets get started today.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Belle Slim ~ Radio Frequency fat reduction & skin firming


Belle Slim DDF ▪️distance dissolve fat slimming technology 

for; the back, legs, waist and abdomen, it is a quick, pain free and non-invasive radio frequency fat reduction treatment. 



Suitable treatment for men and women who desire reduction in inches, but choose to forgo the cost, pain & recovery of surgical procedures. 

Using the newest no touch selective radio frequency field and tuning system initiated apoptosis (disruption & death) of subcutaneous adipose tissue without any damage to the surrounding muscle or dermis. 

During each 30 minute treatment session you will feel the warmth of the radio frequency energy, no pain or discomfort is experienced. Skin tightening can occur has a direct result of the thermal energy. 

▪️This is the only non-contact radio frequency field technology 

▪️Belle Slim DDF has the industry’s largest selective heating treatment coverage area 8” X 28”

▪️BMI is no longer an excluding factor for treatment, reduction is now an option for all

▪️ 4 - 6 sessions recommended

▪️1, 30 minute session every 7-10 days

▪️measurable results are visible within just weeks

LiPo HiFu - AGRESSIVE Fat Reduction



LiPoHiFu treatment uses high intensity focused ultrasound technology to face lifting and body slimming, the LiPoHiFu  treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to displace & destroy fat cells .





Five Treatments with Five Easy Payments of just $150-$170  per session

3 LipoHiFu (fat reduction) or HiFu (skin tightening) Treatments 


2 SudaTonic®️ Slimming Infrared Sauna Wrap or PureSculpt detox ice massage Treatments 


1 AnnChery®️ Compression Workout Belt (while supplies last)


2 Weeks of Black Bella DC Skinny Slimming Detox Tea (while supplies last)


90 days of NRG or Resolution Drop metabolism booster, appetite suppressant supplement with premier 

We’ve combined our most effective PAIN FREE solutions to create this AFFORDABLE suite of services. 

Begin with specific waistline, fat calibration & weight measurements at your first session. We will track your progress throughout the treatment sessions with; the same measurements, time-lapsed photos and weight. 

After consulting with you, together we will develop a customized plan to incrementally; reduce belly & love handle fat, eliminate cellulite, reduce back fat, tighten arms and/or contour your profile. 

🌺Treatment #1 - LipoHiFu 

🌺Treatment #2 - Detox Ice or Infrared Sauna 

🌺Treatment #3 - LipoHiFu 

🌺Treatment #4 - Detox Ice or Infrared Sauna 

🌺Treatment #5 - LipoHiFu 

***Retail value of treatments and products combined $1,090

**Receive one treatment every 2-3 weeks 

*LipoHiFu treatments are scheduled a minimum of 23 days apart. Sauna sessions are completed as early as 1 week after each LipoHiFu. 

Fat Cavitation / LipoSculpture


Perfect solution for; arms, legs and/or the "last little bit" belly fat & love handles.





LipoSculpture "Fat Cavitation" or Ultrasound Cavitation is a relatively an aesthetic treatment. Using leading edge technology a 40kw ultrasound frequency wand is used to convert fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body's own natural filtration system. The lymphatic system and liver expel fat from your body by way of excrements; sweat, urine, bile. 

-The minimum suggested number of fat cavitation sessions is between 6 and 10.

-The maximum treatments recommended in one calendar year is 20.

-Treatments can be performed as frequently as every 72 hours allowing time for your body to process & drain the fat from each session (ideally once weekly is the norm)

-Please limit within 4 hours before & 4 hours after treatments; fatty foods, caffeine and alcoholic beverages

-Treatments are restricted for clients with pacemakers

*complimentary tools for Fat Cavitation are #Detox teas & #WaistTraining 

HiFu ~ Skin Firming




High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin's collagen fibers and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. It literally achieves the results of a facelift or a body lifts without any invasive surgery or injections, moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime. 




This technique can be applied to the face as well as the whole body, and also, it works equally well for people of all skin colours, in contrast to that of lasers and the intense pulse lights.




NEW UPGRADED BlackBellaButtLift 

Now offering 2 versions

Option 1 :

Standard suction lift treatment + {our new upgrade now INCLUDES #WoodTherapy Cupping Massage} to give you that extra POP and aide in reducing cellulite on the posterior thigh. 



⬛️$110 for a single session or      ⬛️

⬛️$300 for 3 sessions❣️                ⬛️

⬛️Includes compression buttock⬛️ 

⬛️lifter garment                             ⬛️

⬛️& 8oz lifting cream❣️               ⬛️


Option 2:

Standard SUCTION ONLY 40min Lift session $75 per session 

or $125 for 2 sessions❣️




Featuring the NONSURGICAL #BellaButtLift #BBL 


No needles, no cutting, no pain or time away from work/school! 

  • The Bella ButtLift treatment is a suctioned based      procedure. Using special designed molded gluteal shaped body cups to lift,      smooth and reshape the bumm. 
  • Our UPGRADED BBL package includes a rigorous      #WoodTherapy #Massage and #Anesi anti-cellulite serum. The posterior thigh      area is manually worked and smoothed while repositioning any fullness      upward to the gluteal area. The gluteal muscles are manipulated with three      sessions of pulsed suction to plump and raise the superior fibers of the      region. 
  • The longevity of each lift relies on a few factors;      skin elasticity, amount of physical activity (20/25 squats daily lengthens      lift of lift), hydration and post care (wearing lifter garment &      cream). 6-8 sessions are recommended for best results. You can maintain      the results of lift sessions for as little as 2 weeks, as long as 2 months      depending upon the fore mentioned factors. 
  • #ButtockEnhancement
  • #WoodTherapy #Massage #MaderoTerapia
  • #Cellulite smoothing treatments

Lymphatic Drainage & Massage



Our Post Operation packages are designed to meet your needs during each stage of recovery, which we’d determine after a consultation and physical assessment. 




Our $500 package includes; 6 - 45 minute sessions of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and/or HiFu or Radio Frequency skin tightening, Infrared heat (lymph release) treatments, and/or Fat Cavitation depending upon where you are in your recovery cycle and what is required after each assessment before your treatment session. 🌸These options can also be purchased separately to extend session time.

Treatments are performed by Registered Massage Practitioner Josei Harris, Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or a registered massage associate with similar credentials and experience.

The billing of my Post Op package is 30% at first session = $150 + sales tax, the balance is divided $70 + sales tax for sessions 2-6.

We have several styles of fajas, lipo foam, Arnicare gel, oil & cream, waist trainers, lifters and other quality Columbian made body shaping garments available in my studio. A seamstress is onsite to alter your existing garment as you reduce in size.

Also available:



Treatment Information Sheets

  • Information about treatments & services🌺
  • JPEG format to print & share🌸

Bella Elite (pdf)


Sauna Infrared (pdf)


BellaButtLift (pdf)


LipoHifu (pdf)


LipoHifu Detox Bundle (pdf)


Fat Cavitation / LipoSculpture (pdf)


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Body Sculpting, Fat & Wrinkle Reduction, Detox, Buttock Lift without pain, surgery or injections.

We work with each client to develop a personalized plan to meet specific Body Sculpting goals. Our focus is to refresh, restore & rejuvenate.

Building confidence and redefining your your physique doesn't have to be a painful experience.

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🦋Belle Slim DDF Fat Reduction ~ 2019

🖤Lipo HiFu reduction & skin firming ~ 2018

  • ™SundaTonic Fir Infra Detox Sauna
  • BELLAButtLift 
  • Fat Cavitation
  • RF Skin Tightening
  • Wood Therapy Massage
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Cellulite Smoothing

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